Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I believe this is the full Brave movie! I will check during lunch... happy watching!

Divergent Digital Native

              Danah Boyd book is properly titled with “It’s Complicated,” I believe this title explains her positions on the digital native and digital immigrant terms. The current “digital native” generation is only native to the technology when they have the access or interest in it. Also, just because a teen is tech savvy, does not automatically mean that they are technologically literate or safe. “Digital immigrants,” may not have the terminology of the new app or video game but they should know how to access different types of technological resources to improve their teaching practice. Boyd clearly states “Both youth and adults have a lot to learn.”
             Marc Prensky coined the term and defined “digital native” and popularized “digital immigrant.” From my understanding, he believes the current student population has grown up using technology so their skills should be recognized and celebrated. Prensky believed that the digital native and digital immigrant will always be compared. Prensky “never expected this metaphor to have a significant life” however both politicians and the overall population took the term and ran with it full force. He later argues that instead of assuming either group of people (native or immigrant) understand everything or nothing, we should work together as a community to increase “digital wisdom.”
Michael Wesch expresses a great deal of information in his video especially about the power of technology and the power of the information we are providing our youth. Technology has the ability to provide information about anything, to anyone and at any given time. If we as a society can figure out how to spread the information and interpret it; we can do anything from providing support in a disaster, to collaborating through art around the globe. However, we cannot experience or enjoy the potential until we bring our youth from being knowledgeable to knowledge-able. We need to understand that our youth have the capability to create change, obtain knowledge and share it. But if we waste youth’s minds in classrooms that give the message that the only ones that hold knowledge are the ones in front of the classroom, we are losing a huge opportunity to flourish as a community.

             “Digital native” I do not believe it is an accurate term. Technically because of my social status and birth date I should be considered a digital native, but I beg to differ. My computer engineer of a father  has been studying technology since before I was born. He has way more knowledge then I ever will, specifically on how to navigate, manipulate and appreciate technology. I prefer the term “technological wisdom” I believe this term properly explains that technology is something that we learn more about overtime, especially because it is always evolving. As a teacher I appreciate and understand that I will never uphold wisdom in every subject to the highest degree, but I will always hold my ability to learn to the highest degree. I will strive to learn as much as I can through technology and the knowledge of the resources I can find through my community.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Immigrant or Digital Native

Hmm... Digital native or "immigrant" when we first stated the terms in class I would have thought that I am a digital native, but the more I reflect the more I believe I am somewhere in the middle.

I grew up with at least one computer in our house hold at all times. Now my father, sister and I all have laptops, iPads and smartphones. My mom has a laptop and a smartphone, but doesn't use them enough to need an iPad. I received my first cellphone at 13 and my first iPhone at 18. I know how to utilize most Microsoft Programs with ease. Which leads me to believe that I am a digital native.

However, I do not really keep up with my Twitter or Instagram. I am usually behind with the new technology lingo, asking questions like "what's MVP?" or "what's watch me whip?" I always feel like I am super behind when my sister and dad are going off about the new app they found and what they can do with it. Hopefully during the course of this class I will be able to give a clearer description of my digital origin.

The following is a video, Taylor Mali performing his poem "What Teachers Make." I was introduced to Taylor during my under grad. His poem has helped my defend my profession and inspired me to continue it, especially on the days when I am feeling down.

If you enjoyed the video, he has tons on YouTube and he also has a book that I recommend. It is an easy, engaging and I must add the perfect beach read. The link below is the book on Amazon.

I mentioned in a previous post that I have a puppy, the following link is a picture of him the other day being a silly goose.

If you are looking to adopt an animal, here is where I got mine and I had a great experience.

This is the website for the Head Start I work at.

Here is where I spend way too much time. :)

About Me...

My name is Bryana Boucher and I am a Preschool Teacher at Woonsocket Head Start. I graduated from RIC last year and have been continuing my Masters in ESL ever since.

My summer so far has been busy. The Head Start agency I work for has summer child care program, so I have been picking up hours there. I just got a job at Access Based Enterprises as Community Support Specialist, which means I work one of one with an individual with disabilities. I also just bought a 10 week old boxer puppy, Cooper.

When I am not in class I send a great deal of time with my family, friends and boyfriend. I enjoy dancing, biking, reading, Netflix bend watching and cooking.